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Video training available on-demand without ever leaving Microsoft Office!

The Instant Learning Server provides short video learning units on a specific topic that can be found in the video using a full text search. This learning unit can be accessed immediately when problems or questions occur in the workplace and work can continue with the least possible disruption.

features and benefits

Powerful Search Capability ILS delivers searchable learning bursts for use at the moment of need. Make use of content produced by SONIC or upload self-produced or user-generated content The ILS provides short searchable videos on specific topics. That's right! No more watching the whole video to find one answer. Search our short, immediately accessible videos when problems occur, find the answer and work can continue with the least possible interruption.
Microsoft Ribbon Integration The Instant Learning Server has a variety of userfriendly and practical features such as integration into the Microsoft Office Ribbon. Easy access right from the ribbon allows you to find your answer with minimal work disruption. Users never have to leave Excel (for instance) to learn how to create a pivot table. Let the trainer explain it to you directly in the Microsoft Office application, while you perform the task. The practical ribbon integration increases the use of the Instant Learning Server.
Learning and Ongoing Support Our learning and ongoing support solution meets the needs of all levels of users, from beginning through to advanced. We all know that our learning challenges really begin after our formal training ends. The Instant Learning Server is a Web 2.0 based training platform, designed to help you access what you need to know in order to perform your job at your desk.
Help Desk SONIC provides short digestible learning chunks searchable down to the spoken word. Reduce help desk calls before, during and after a migration to Microsoft Office 2010. Users find the the answer in two clicks, learn what they need to know and get back to work, freeing-up the help desk to focus on other tasks.
Reporting and Training Administration Meet your reporting requirements and analyze user experience to maximize return on investment. Track if users viewed the required titles to meet your organizations learning requirements. No need for assessment testing. Users learn only what they need to know to perform their job.
Personalized and Task Based Learning Paths You can either learn by the task you want to perform, or pre-defined learning paths prescribe what you need to know to perform your work. You can also personalize the learning paths to focus only on what you need to learn. Role specific learning paths help users learn only what they need, saving hours of time not having to sift through useless information.
Video Authoring Tool / Custom Services Generate your own video. Do you already have content, but want to make it searchable? SONIC Services will transcribe and index your content to create company specific, searchable video content. Your internal experts now have a platform to share their knowledge. Keeping expertise in your company is key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Upload your company specific videos to the Instant Learning Server.
Fully Customizable Interface The user interface can be customized to your company specific needs including fonts, colors, logo and background. The solution is identified as your corporate solution, which increases your users willingness to embrace it.
Mobile Learning Also available on Apple iPad and Android and Windows Tablets and many Smartphones. Address the needs of your growing mobile workforce by hosting desktop and mobile content in one system.
International Multiple Languages: A global economy needs global solutions. Our content is re-produced in multiple languages to meet the needs of our global customer base. Pre-installed language packs help you meet worldwide needs. Additional languages can be added, integrated or newly produced.