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Like our traditional classroom learning, New Horizons’ Online Live learning model allows students to learn from expert instructors, access live, hands-on labs, and use authorized vendor curriculum. The only difference recognized with this learning model is that the student is not in the classroom with an instructor, but attends class from a remote location.

OLL brings a variety of benefits to our clients, including:

The Learning ExperienceOnline Live Training

Online Live Student Testimonial

OLL classes follow the same framework as our traditional instructor-led training. Using lecture, demos, and freehand diagramming, our certified trainers provide instruction through our collaborative eLearning platform.

All students are issued low-noise headphones with microphones, and may freely participate in discussions with the instructor or with other students by voice or through text-chat. VoIP technology allows for clear, uninterrupted voice communication.

Students apply what they learn in lecture by working on hands-on labs in a virtual environment. During their lab practice, the instructor can provide one-to-one mentoring, using remote sharing technology to view and manage the student’s computer.

Hands-on Labs

The award winning labs offer students the following features:

New Horizons offers live labs for more than 150 courses. The majority of Online LIVE offerings are vendor authorized programs, including: Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, and CompTIA. In addition, we offer Project Management, VMWare, and desktop applications training through this platform. Search for Online LIVE Courses.

The Learning Environment

With minimal technical requirements, the OLL platform was designed to make the training experience as simple to implement as possible, allowing students to attend class from their home, office, or on the road.

Alternately, students may attend classes in their local New Horizons center’s OLL Learning Lab, which is appointed with a variety of special features to ensure the student’s success. In addition to an optimal technical environment with on-site support, students benefit from a focused learning environment free from the distractions that might be present at work or home.

See what our students have to say about Online Live!

"When I started this class, I was a little apprehensive about Online Learning..."

When I started this class I was a little apprehensive about the Online Learning but what I have learned is that it is as interactive if not more so than an instructor led class. The interface is intuitive; I have video full time with the instructor, I can communicate easily with the microphone or via text chat. The labs have been sensational. You have a full range of servers/sans to work on. It’s been an excellent experience here at New Horizons and I would highly recommend online live learning.

- Mike P., IBM Services

"I enjoy the hands-on element of the virtual labs."

I am really enjoying the class learning about the new features in Server 2008. I enjoy the hands on element of the virtual labs and your very flexible method of instruction. Being able to ask questions at any time is a great thing IMO.

Thanks for the class and I will definitely push my Dept for more training dollars to take more classes.

Craig C., Network Support

"I had some misgivings about Online Live learning."

I had some misgivings about Online Livelearning, but I found the process better than a conventional classroom. The Instruction works well and the flow is never interrupted because questions are entered into chat and the instructor can answer when appropriate. I now consider online learning to be the superior method.

Jere-David Lawrence

"I like it better than a classroom environment..."

First – I think the training is excellent. The instructor is knowledgeable and presents well.

Second - This type of virtual training moderated by a live instructor using the tools setup to do this is fabulous. I like it better than a classroom environment with a live instructor in the classroom. The reason I feel this way is that there are less distractions. A student is better able to focus on the presentation on the screen, the class workbook and the instructor’s voice. There is less of a problem with looking around and seeing what other students are doing and even idiosyncrasies of the instructor are masked. I think that for serious students who have a desire to learn this is the best situation.

Dan Belville, IT Manager, Mustang Technology Group